About Us

Small Family Owned Business


Our office is small.  We don't even have voicemail.  When you call, we answer.  We like to know our customers and for them to feel comfortable with us.  Our products span the globe, but we are a small family here in the office.  

World Wide Customers


 We distribute our fine products all over the world - in around 50 countries since 1992. Some of our newest include Fiji, Guam, Indonesia and the Philippines. We also have large markets in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. Here in the US, we are all over in shops, waterparks, resorts, etc.  



Besides high quality, up scale packaging and competitive pricing, we also offer something that many other companies can not: Exclusivity.  We DO NOT sell to large box stores or discount stores ​in the US. We pride ourselves on focusing on more specialized markets - Resorts, Gift Shops, Water Parks, Zoo's and smaller beauty markets, etc. This way, we are able to provide the freshest, best quality Sun Care products possible. 

More About Us

Our North Carolina Plant


We have our own manufacturing plant in NC, and constantly produce fresh products to be delivered directly to our customers in the US and abroad. 

Private Label & Contract Manufacturing


Private Label: Use our Caribbean Breeze formulas for Sun Care, Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, etc., with your packaging and logo.

Contract Manufacturing: Bring us your formula. Our experts will work with you to give you the whole package. We listen to  you and provide flexible solutions that match your concept and vision.