Tanning Oils and Lotions


  • 10002 -  love it 
  • 10004 - Great oil!!!! Love this product!!! 
  • 10005 -  Perfect for getting excellent result for a short time 
  • 20002 -  This stuff is great. My GF loves it. 
  • 20005 -  my family love this stuff....great tanning product 

Sunscreen Spray Lotions


  • 30067 -  Works great. Easy to apply and not greasy 
  •  30097 - I live in  Arizona and use this stuff daily for 9 months out of the year.  No  sunburn, moderate browning, and hopefully, no skin cancer. Smells good  too. 

Sunscreen Lotions


  • 30037 -  Best sunscreen around!  
  • 30047 -  For  someone who needs good protection this is an excellent sunscreen.  It  applies easily, doesn't feel heavy or greasy, and really works! 

Sunscreen lotion tubes


  •  30046 - I have  been using Caribbean Breeze for years and they are consistently high  quality! The 50 and the 70 in this product do not irritate my skin, and  my skin is ultra-sensitive. Great product!!!!! 
  • 30070 -  This is  the only sunscreen that I have found that does not make me itch.  I love  this product.  I actually discovered it while on vacation in Grand  Cayman Island.  I'm fair/medium skin tone and the 70 gave me super  coverage. I was out in the sun for approx 6hours. Only re-applied once  after swimming just to be on the safe side.  Did not burn at all.  I  highly recommend this product! Plus, they do not test on animals! 

Continuous Sprays


  • It's the best sun screen I've ever used. I will continue to order here.  

After Sun Lotion and Gels


  • 40001 -  Feels great, smells great. Love the vitamins and aloe in it. Works wonderfully for sunburns and overall summer lotion. Love it! 
  • 50001 -  We bought some of this on vacation a couple of years ago for our  boys who were both very burned and in pain.  This stuff worked fast and  worked great, they were able to sleep comfortably and get up the next day ready to keep going.  Love it so much!! 

General Feedback

" This  is my second review and again this product is amazing, my tan has never  looked better and if you ever want to meet the most courteous people  then call the folks over in Amelia island who sells this product! The  most professional, helpful and friendly people you’ll meet! Their a  class act and this suntan lotion beats the rest and trust me, I’m an  islander I’ve used plenty suntan lotions! "  Amazon buyer 8/2/18